About Plamena

Plamena has been drawing since she could hold a pen in her hand.

Some of her commissions have included: mural design for Gordon Ramsey’s ‘Street Pizza’ restaurant, t-shirts for ‘Son’s of Klaus’ adventure motorcycle club, illustrations for ‘Waypoint Software’ website, book covers for Zdravka Vladova-Momcheva’s books ‘Hello Bulgaria’, ‘Soldier’ and ‘Krustoputishta I Ostrovi’, and one-off illustrations for private clients.

Her passion for art and the joy of drawing has been a fundamental part of her life. She has mainly focused on her on going project "Mira’s Workshop". This is a black and white graphic novel inspired by traditional techniques widely used in manga and inking for comics.

Recently she has been exploring the use of digital tools such as the ipad pro and procreate to work on commissions, personal work and book covers using illustration techniques.

Plamena is also an architect, working in the private residential sector and more recently in hospitality. Her architecture work and illustration feed off each other and bring a variety of skills to her technical ability and her artistic vision.