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Original A3 painting

Watercolour and white pen on watercolour paper

Painting does not come with a frame - but do contact me if you would like one! 

The story behind the painting:

I was in our country house Bulgaria, in the garden with my parents and we were star-gazing.

The village is small and after 11pm even the street lights would go off.

So no light pollution - it meant that we could clearly see the Milky Way!

It was so beautiful - like starring at million of jewels spilled across the sky. I was mesmerised by it.
It felt wondrous, magical and humbling - there is so much out there and I’m so small.
Its a comforting and magical memory for me. And it has come back to me recently at a time when things are quite hectic - I think its trying to tell me something:

Relax. Go with the flow and the magic will happen.
So I painted the feeling of that memory!
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